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designer canva templates
designer canva templates

& now it is!

great design should be accessible to everyone.

Beautiful & customizable Canva and website templates for every stage of your business.

we're on a MISSION to help entrepreneurs (like you!) stay organized & beat the everyday overwhelm.

Tiny Pine creative provides the templates you need for every stage of your business - business plans to logos and pre-made brands to client welcome packets, with a whole lot in-between. Our templates are beautiful and strategically made to save you time as an entrepreneur. Just customize with your content, switch colors and fonts if you'd like, and you'll be ready to go!

If you're a business owner of any size, we invite you to take a look around. Guaranteed you'll find something to support your business! 

the organized entrepreneur membership

join once & continue reaping the benefits

Our templates were created to take you through every stage of business. We have what you need to get started, brand yourself, and communicate with clients effectively and professionally. 

We've gotten so many messages from customers that they love using our templates and want to just keep purchasing more - but hey, that can get expensive (like well over $500). And we created this business to help you SAVE money, not spend a fortune.

Which is why we're introducing The Organized Entrepreneur Membership - an opportunity to purchase every single template (over 380+) for a fraction of the cost. Seriously, a fraction.

One-time payment, no monthly fees, unlimited access & new templates monthly!

designer canva templates
designer canva templates

hey, there!

i'm alyssa. the designer behind tiny pine creative.

I'm so, so glad you're here. I started Tiny Pine Creative with just a few templates, but always with the idea in mind of helping small business owners save time and stay organized.

We now have over 39 full templates to help you in every stage of business, with more on the horizon. I still get butterflies every time I see an alert that I've made a new sale - I'm so proud of this business I've created and even more proud knowing I'm helping you build your very own business. There's not much better than that! Except for maybe cheese. Cheese might be better.

a look at what we offer here  

branding templates

it's time to make that business of yours beautiful and strategically branded.

No design experience? No problem. No designer budget? No problem. We've got plenty of templates for you to choose from to help you build a truly beautiful brand. 

Brand & 
mood boards, pre-made brands with logos (so easy to customize!), as well as press kits and strategy templates. 

Don't skip branding - it's so important to your business!

designer canva templates
designer canva templates
designer canva templates
designer canva templates

business templates

all the business templates needed for
every stage of your business.

You've got your business and branding set up and now it's time to create a super professional and custom experience for your clients. 

Business plans, Services & Pricing Guides, Welcome Packets, Project Proposals, and more. I can't stress enough how crucial it is to have a client process - not only does it make your life so much easier, but you'll appear extra organized to your clients. And who doesn't want to hire someone who's extra organized? I know I do!

the key to success and staying organized? planning! & we've got you covered!

planning templates

I truly believe the success of my business is owed to my foundation of planning. I was extremely overwhelmed in the beginning (just like every new business owner), until I learned how to properly plan.

Now I know what I'm working on and when. I've learned how much time certain tasks need, and when I'm most productive at doing them.  I owe this all to planning templates, and now I want to share them with you!

designer canva templates
designer canva templates
designer canva templates
designer canva templates
designer canva templates

website templates

beautiful & strategic website templates that look custom-made for you. promise.

Your website is the heart and home of your business. You want it to reflect the quality and standards you follow everyday for your clients. You want it to be professional, and of course, absolutely beautiful.

But here's the thing - getting a website designed and created from scratch is pricey and not realistic for most of us. So, what's a business owner to do?

Use a designer template! It's the perfect mix of done-for-you and DIY. Simply drop in your own content and photos, and voilà! A gorgeous website to match your business. Trust me when I say, everyone will think you had your site custom-made!

customer love

"Tiny Pine Creative's quality is exceptional. The price for the value received is beyond reasonable and really provides a great canvas to add your business' info and detail to. I have been beyond pleased with all my purchases from TPC to date."

designer canva templates
designer canva templates
designer canva templates

we strategically designed our canva templates so that you can create something beautiful & professional, quickly & easily.

step one

purchase a template(s) or membership, open the PDF you receive upon purchase & gain instant access to your templates.

step two

open your template in Canva, easily customize all fonts, colors, and images and then add in your own text.

step three

export your template, send it to your client or post it to Instagram, and then reuse the template as much as you'd like.

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