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2021 Gift Guide for the Entrepreneur

I love a good gift guide - in fact, I've been spending quite a bit of time lately going through them to find the perfect gift for everyone on my list that I became inspired to create my own! I sat down and thought about what I'd like to receive as a gift as an entrepreneur and what I know friends of mine would like too. Some of the things on this list I have used and loved and others are things on my own wish list.

I hope this post helps you find the perfect gift for the entrepreneur(s) in your life!

1. A beautiful laptop bag

Most entrepreneurs work in a variety of places - at home, a coffeeshop, an office, a co-working space, etc. - and would probably love a chic bag to carry their laptop and notebooks in. There are a ton of options out there, but I love this one from Calpak - it has a zipped compartment to keep your laptop safe. as well as an individual place to put all other belongings. Not to mention, it's beautiful!

If you're on the hunt for another option, be sure to find something with multiple compartments - we entrepreneurs like to keep things organized! Or is that just me?


2. The perfect notebook

A notebook? Really? Trust me on this. A good notebook is an entrepreneurs best friend. You'll want to find something with a sturdy cover, so it can be thrown in a bag (see above!) when heading to the coffee shop. Appointed notebooks are my absolutely favorite. They come in lined, grid, or blank and have a beautiful linen cover in a variety of neutral colors. The details are everything.

I mean, who doesn't want to kick off the New Year with a fresh notebook?


3. A leather desk mat

My husband gave me a leather desk mat last year, and it's still one of my favorite things in my office. Not only does it make my desk look pretty, but it's super useful too - I have one big enough to hold both my keyboard and mouse, and I highly recommend that for everyone else! You can definitely give a leather mouse pad as a gift too, but the mat makes things a lot easier. No sliding for either your keyboard or your mouse!

There are a ton of leather desk mat options out there (check Etsy to buy small!), but I really love this one from Cuyana because it doubles as a laptop sleeve. Also, the colors. are. gorgeous.


4. A pretty mug

Nothing revolutionary here, but a mug is always a good gift for an entrepreneur. Chances are they go through a lot of cups of tea or coffee each day, so why not gift them something they're sure to use? Bonus points if it's beautiful - I don't know about anyone else, but I love a clean, styled workspace!

I love this fluted option from the Hearth and Hand collection at Target. I actually just bought it for myself as a little pre-Holiday gift!


5. A 2022 planner

You'll steal my heart if you buy me a planner. Kidding... sort of. But really, every entrepreneur needs one (or 6). We're constantly making lists, planning out the day, brainstorming for the future, etc, etc, etc., and we need a place to put it. Bonus points if it's pretty

Not sure if your entrepreneur friend already has a new planner? Don't worry, there aren't many entrepreneurs out there who would be sad to have two - one for business and one for personal, right?!

Back to Appointed - I absolutely love their planners. I've tried a few but I keep going back to this one. It's minimal, has everything I need and inspires me every time I look at it!


6. A candle

I get a lot of candles as gifts and I've never been upset about it. I love, love, love to burn a candle while I work, and I know many people do the same. And because I burn candles so often, I go through quite a bit of them. So if you feel like a candle isn't a great gift, think again - it's definitely something people don't want to have to continue purchasing, but also would love to have.

Obviously there are a ton of candles to choose from, but I love P.F. Candle Co. Their branding is minimal so it goes with all decor, they aren't full of chemicals, and the scents are insanely good. Definitely makes a great gift!



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