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How to Provide a Great Client Experience

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

As a service-based entrepreneur, a lot of your time goes to your clients. Whether that be finding new clients, securing them, or doing work for them, you probably put at least 50% of your business energy into your clients.

I'm guessing you know just how important client experience is - and I'm not just talking about finding and securing new clients. You can't fall off once you get the client, but instead, you have to show them an amazing experience the entire time.

Why? 1. Because they are paying for your services and 2. They can give you referrals if they're happy with the work you've done for them.

So, exactly how to you provide an amazing client experience from the very beginning? That's what we're going over today!

1 | Be Honest

The whole "fake it til you make it" thing is great, but not for when you're signing on new clients. Don't lie about what you can and cannot do. You're only going to hurt yourself in the end.

It's super important to be upfront and honest with your client from the very beginning. Do they want you to build a website in a platform you've never used before (and have heard isn't easy to learn?)? Well, unless they're willing to give you the time to learn the system, don't take on that job.

What if you realize the platform just isn't for you? Or what if you spend way too much time learning and can't get their project done on time? It's not worth the risk.

Not only is your time at stake here, but so is your client's money. Be honest from the start so your client trusts you and feels comfortable paying what you deserve.

2 | Set Expectations

I can guarantee you've heard this one before, but it's SO important that I'm including it again. Always, always set expectations for your clients - from the VERY beginning, so you both start off on the same page.

Here's a few ways you can set expectations early on:

  • Provide a deadline that's realistic for you

  • Let your client know what you need from them

  • Provide a timeline you can stick to

  • List deliverables so they are no surprises

It's a good idea to set expectations around what you will provide for your client, but also around what you need from them. Projects are usually somewhat of a two-way street - if you don't have what you need, you can't get the work done.

3 | Provide Client Materials

In order to create a great client experience, you should provide materials to your clients with the information they'll need throughout the project. If you do this one thing, it makes all the other tips I've shared today a whole lot easier!

To demonstrate the materials you should provide, I'm going to show you the exact ones I use -

  1. The services and pricing guide is for BEFORE I sign a client on. This is for someone interested in working with me - I list my packages and pricing, outline my process, provide a general timeline, review my policies and so much more.

  2. Next is a client welcome packet - this is for when I first sign on a client. I send this to them immediately. It includes everything they need to know about working together, specific to their project. Due dates, a list of what I'll provide, what I need from them and more.

  3. And last is the is the client goodbye (or exit) packet. I send this to my clients only after they've signed off on the final product. I sum things up, show them my referral program, provide next steps and ask for testimonials.

4 | Stay in Communication

Even if you've provided a timeline for how long each piece of the project will take, it's always good to stay in communication.

Don't let a week go by without some form of communication - even if that means an update email on Friday just to let your client know you're working on their project and hope they have a good weekend.

It keeps your client at ease - remember they are spending a lot for your services - and you won't have to worry about your client feeling unsure about what's going on.

A small update goes a long way.

5 | Deliver When You Say You Will

This one might sound easy, but it's surprising how many people deliver things late.

You might think "oh, what's the difference if I send it on Wednesday even though I said I would Tuesday"? It's a big freaking deal! Your client is expecting it Tuesday and you don't want to let them down. They might have a launch planned, marketing or something they need their finished product for.

Obviously life happens and sometimes things need to be pushed back - but that's where tip #4 comes in again - just stay in communication. If you need to change something, communicate it as soon as possible so your client is never left wondering.

And, there you go! That's how you can provide a wonderful client experience every single time!

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Comment below!



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