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My 10 Favorite Canva fonts - from a Canva partner!

I've been a Canva partner for a little over a year now and I'm still just as giddy as I was when I received that first email asking me to partner with them. #dreamjob!

It goes without saying that I've spent A LOT of time in Canva over the past year. Most of my templates were built in Canva before partnering with them, but now almost everything is. I've had the privilege of testing out new features before others, and I've really learned my way around the platform.

I've made countless templates, and I've gone through stages of fonts since I first signed on. Some I still use, and some I've ditched for what I think are better and more appealing fonts. After a whole lot of research, I feel super confident that I have found 10 of the best fonts Canva has to offer. Please note that some of these are Canva pro fonts, so you will need a Canva pro account to use them.

Also, please keep in mind, I have a very minimalist style and these fonts definitely suit that!

Let's go down the list & break things down into categories -


Noto Serif Display Light - A super simple, minimal serif. My all-time favorite font. Doesn't get much better than this for me.

Afrah - Another pretty serif. A bit more fancy and modern and really fun to use for body font.


BD Script - I love a good script accent. And BD Script does a wonderful job. It's pretty and simple - nothing crazy here, but that's what I love about it. It mixes well with so many fonts.

Jonathan - Another great script font and a little more funky.

Sisterhood - This is a newer discovery for me, and I haven't stopped using it. I love how it has the handwritten quality. Really fun to pair with more simple fonts.


Versailles - A beautiful & modern serif. The kerning (spacing between letters) is so beautiful and makes for a gorgeous header.

Aresenica - A beautiful, serif choice for a header. Looks great in a logo.

Chloe - Another newish find for me. Ah, it's just so pretty and maybe a little French? Or is that just because it's called Chloe? I don't know, but it's gorgeous in both caps and lowercase.

Alta & Alta Light - Simple san serifs. Always a good choice.

Lovelo - A bolder header font. This one is really fun to use, especially with something like Noto Serif Display Light as the body font.

And there you have it! My 10 favorite fonts in Canva. I hope this list is helpful for you and makes finding fonts in Canva a whole lot easier!



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