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Template Spotlight: Pre-made Brands - what they are, who they're for & what's included.

There's a few different reasons why I started creating pre-made brands. My goal for Tiny Pine Creative has always been to help entrepreneurs create a brand at an affordable cost. It's really hard, especially in the beginning, to pay for custom design work. I wanted to create a way to get a professional look and feel, at a way more affordable cost. Which is why I started creating templates - and lucky for me, it's become my passion!

Back to pre-made brands - I started creating logos in Canva that people could purchase and customize to their liking. But I found that people wanted more than just a logo. Yes, they wanted a secondary logo and a sub-mark, but they wanted even more than that too. They wanted brand colors, inspiration photos and fonts. And I get that - if you're not a designer, it's really hard to choose those things (and even if you are a designer, it's really hard to choose them for yourself!).

That's why I started creating pre-made brands. For just $19, I can help someone create their branding for their business. That's AMAZING! It costs upwards of $500 (on the low end) for custom branding. And don't get me wrong, custom branding is wonderful, but it's just not in the budget for a lot of us.

So here's the answers to the most asked questions about pre-made brands, along with a quick look (with photos!) at what's included.

What is a pre-made brand?

A pre-made brand is basic branding, included in one package at an extremely affordable cost ($19).

What does a pre-made brand include?

- Primary logo

- Secondary logo

- Submark

- Pre-made brand (on brandboard)

- Simple business card mockup - added bonus!

You'll receive an editable template (in Canva) for each that can be changed to your business name and information. The brand board comes complete, but you can switch things up if you'd like! '

Is a pre-made brand right for your business?

Honestly, that's up to you. But I typically recommend a pre-made brand for anyone at the beginning stages of business, or someone at any stage who simply wants to DIY their own brand. It's a good way to get started!


Right now, we've got 4 pre-made brands in the shop with more on the way. Here's a look at the Ana Wren pre-made brand (my personal favorite!). -



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