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The Top 5 Reasons you NEED a Client Welcome Packet for Your Business

A Client Welcome Packet could change the way you do business. It's one of the best assets for a service-based business, but to the surprise of many, it can be used for a product-based business as well. The beauty of a Client Welcome Packet is that you can pack it full of any information you'd like - there are a few things you should definitely include, but it should reflect your business and what you'd like to share with new clients and customers. That's also why it's great to use a template - the basic flow is already done, but you have the freedom to customize it the way you'd like.

If you don't have a Client Welcome Packet, I highly suggest you get one! And here's why -

1. Set expectations from the very start

When it's time to kick-off a new project, you need a way of communicating to your new client what they can expect. A phone call or email isn't going to do it. You want something your client (and yourself!) can easily refer back to throughout the entire project length. Enter the client welcome packet. It's pack full of information regarding you and your team, your process, all the project details, the project proposal, next steps, and more. Not only will you kick things off the right way, but you'll set a pace for the entire project as well.

2. Show how professional you are

It doesn't matter what type of work you do - I'm guessing you want to look professional and not like you're just throwing things together. And not only do you want to look professional, but your client wants you to look professional. Remember, if your client loves what you've done and is happy at the end the project, they're going to let people know. Referrals are important for more work!

3. Get yourself and your client organized

Most projects have multiple steps or phases. You might have a project end date, but then numerous dates from start to finish for the different phases. A client welcome packet lays that all out, so both you and your client know what to expect. I'm guessing there's going to be multiple things you'll need from your client during the project, dates they need to be available, etc. When you lay that all out, your client is able to be organized and won't hold up the timeline.

4. Everything in one place

Have you ever worked with someone and found yourself going through countless emails trying to find the information you need? How much do you owe? And when is it due again? When exactly are the final results coming? Which step comes next? Exactly why you need a client welcome packet - all of that and more are included in one packet. Your client can save it to their desktop or print it out and easily find what they're looking for.

5. Put your clients at ease

Think about it - your client is paying you with their hard earned money for your services. Chances are they thought a lot about this and looked at a number of different options. They choose you. Let them know they made the right decision by sending them a professional client welcome packet right at project kick-off. I know it always makes me feel better!

There you have it! That's why you NEED a client welcome packet for your business - seriously! Don't skip it. It's important and most people are expecting it nowadays. If you're looking to get started, check out our beautiful Client Welcome Packet templates here.



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