Whether you're creating for yourself or your client, this Strategy & Branding template will help you focus to create a beautiful and thoughtful brand. This template allows you to have both strategy and branding in one place, so you can key-in on what's most important for your brand. You can think through things like the vision, purpose and mission and then determine your colors, type, and more. 

Easily add your own content, switch out images, change fonts and colors and adjust your template for each new project if needed.

Strategy & Branding Template

    - Cover

    - Table of Contents

    Section 1 Divider: Strategy

    - Brand Vision

    - Brand Purpose

    - Brand Values

    - Mission Statement

    - Brand Messaging

    Section 2 Divider: Branding

    - The Inspiration

    - Color Palette

    - Typography (3 pages)

    - Primary Type, Secondary Type, Tertiary Type

    - Logos (3 pages) - Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Tertiary Logo

    - Alternative Uses

    - Back Cover