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Under section 24 of the Act the Commission is required to issue one or more codes of practice.

One of these describes the arrangements the operator must make (a) for ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way, (b) for protecting children and other vulnerable persons, and (c) for making assistance available to persons who are or may be affected by problems related to gambling. Section 82 of the Act describes such provisions as social responsibility code provisions

Compliance with them is automatically a condition of an operating licence, therefore any breach of them by an operator will be subject to the same sanctions as breach of a licence condition.

The Commission also issues ordinary code provisions which are not social responsibility provisions; these do not have the status of operator licence conditions but set out good practice. Operators may adopt alternative approaches to those set out in ordinary code provisions if they have actively taken account of the ordinary code provision and can demonstrate that an alternative approach is reasonable in the operator’s particular circumstances; or that to take an alternative approach would be acting in a similarly effective manner.245


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